First steps in Nodily

Failure to plan is planning to fail

How to use Nodily® in few easy steps:

  1. Update your profile and get a better ranking in the lists of attendees.
  2. Select the event you will attend
  3. See who is there and meet with other participants
  4. Monitor the result of your actions in the Welcome page
  5. Apply to become member of professional Tribes



1. Your first steps in Nodily: fill out your online Profile and shine amongst other participants

Your profile and your settings are accessible by clicking on the top right icon, in the header of any page.
My profile
Roll over your picture (or the defoult icon) to drop down the menu.

  • My Personal details: about yourself
    Adding your picture is very usefull to be found during the events.
    Use the "LinkedIn Connect" button to import data from LinkedIn into your profile and to login the smooth way.
    Your mobile phone number is not shown to other users unless you decide to do so.  It may be used by the organisers to contact you onsite.
  • Organizations: about your organization(s)
    Promote your activity, upload a logo and share info about your company.
  • Preferences: privacy and comfort settings
    Adjust the privacy level and manage the notifications schedule.

Tip: connect with your LinkedIn or Facebook account
The benefits of using your LinkedIn or Facebook account are:

- One-click login
- Easy update of your data, including picture upload
- Share information about your activities
- Invite your contacts



2. Now you are ready to engage: opportunities to meet are everywhere!

The main navigation menu is on the left of the pages.  Choose "My Events" to browse the list of event(s) your plan to participate to.
Other available options in the navigation menu are:

  • My tribes : apply to business tribes to join an active community to share about your field and meet important stakeholders.
  • My venues : do you plan to visit one of the proposed venues soon?  Share the info to meet with other professionals.
  • My contacts : check the list of your existing contacts in Nodily and manage pending requests.
  • My agenda : manage the pending invitations and view your planned activities
  • Search field: search amongst Nodily for participants, organisations, tribes, events and more.




3. Connect with people!

From the Event page (or in other contextes) indentify inspiring people you would like to meet. Start a conversation with the private messaging system.  Add peopple to your contacts to acces more information.
Don't waste your time onsite and bring more opportunities to you and your company.



4. Your activities in a glance: your Dashboard

Your activity dashboard is directly accessible by clicking on the "Home" menu or the Nodily logo, on the top left of your screen:

Dashboard page contains:

  • Instant view on items waiting for your action: unanswered messages, new contact requests, received invitation to meet, your events, your agenda
  • Tips for a more efficient use of Nodily
  • News about events, tribes and Nodily activities
  • List of proposed contacts, events, tribes, venues



5. Advanced features: unleash the power of professional Tribes

While using Nodily to connect with people in the real life, you will see that we have implemented a new powerful module to manage business tribes.  A tribe is a group of people with common values or interests. Join a tribe, or create a new one and make it grow. Next time you visit an event, you’ll immediately spot likeminded people with common interests. Follow the activities of your tribe members.



Using Nodily for your upcoming event

To view the list of your next event(s), go on the navigation menu on the left side and select "My events" and then choose the sub-menu "Upcoming events".

1. Event welcome page header section

On the central page, you see a list of upcoming events.  Select the one you are in or join new ones.

When you clicked to enter the event you are registered to, on the top of the central page you see different content areas. 
See image below for explanation about the content areas.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a member of the Nodily™ netbusinessing travellers' community?

You should simply fill in the on line sign-up form.  It is free and it will really take only a few minutes to do.
Another way to become member of Nodily™ is to register to one of the many events that are using our platform for their netbusinessing purposes.

How does the system works?

Once you are registered (through the quick sign up form) you will access the members area immediately.  You will then have the possibility to add your companies details (we suggest you to do it first thing) and to upload a picture and a corporate logotype.

But, if you wish so, you are also immediately able to choose opportunity hubs by applying filters.
In a very few steps, you will be able to identify people you would like to meet with and who are in a location near you. It is then very easy to request a meeting and add a small message to the attention of your invitee.

Amongst other functionnality you will access a message center, a calendar export tool, an online agenda and a reporting module.

What does the brand Nodily™ means?

The Nodily™ (Time two) name results from the concept of re-using the time you spend on travel or in events.  In a way, this can be considered as a second chance to optimize your time and be twice more efficient.

Nodily (time to) also figures out the real will to boost network businessing activities by expanding contacts.

What is the membership fee?

There is no membership fee to become member of the netbusinessing community in Nodily™.  It's just free!

The revenue mainly comes from advertisers, sponsors and event organisers.  Members might also be willing to pay for additional services.

Are you obliged to accept business meeting requests?

No, of course not!  Nevertheless we strongly encourage you  to answer all invitations you receive, as a matter of politeness and professionalism.

You should know that Nodily™ proposes two meeting request acceptance modes:

- Negociated: invitations are not automatically accepted.  You will have to decide and respond. This mode is mainly used between participants or members of the same group.

- Automated: invitations are automatically accepted.  This mode is mainly used by experts or exhibitors, when they want to fill all slots of their agenda.

In most of the cases the system will run in negotiated mode, except if you expressively choose to automatically accept meetings. 
Do you want to decline a meeting request?  Simply push on the decline button.  No further justifications are requested from you.

Why should you accept the "user agreement"?

Your are joining a business community and we want to make sure you understand our terms of services.  We are committed to protect our members from abuses of any kind and therefore we request all our members to adhere to our "Code of conduct".  Misbehaving members will be banned of the network.

How do you register to Nodily™ events?

Most of the events will be announced in Nodily, but not all of them.  Sometimes, the only way to register to an event is to do it through the event's organizer registration process, probably on its website.
In any case, your profile will not be duplicated because we perform different checks when importing an event participant list.

Are you participating in an event that doesn't run Nodily™ yet?

Please give a word about Nodily™ to the organiser, be our ambassador and benefit of our loyalty program in case we get contacted by him.  We are all aiming at new business opportunities!

How complex is the use of the system?

We focused on usability, simplicity and we concentrated all our efforts to produce a friendly and robust plateform.  We used cutting edge technologies to build nice user interfaces and powerfull functionnalities. And we are still improving every day!
Are you already a bit familiar with webmails applications or online systems?  Then there should be no problem for you to use Nodily™.  Why not giving it a try right now?  Register in less than 3 minutes and see how fast you will be accustomed to this environment.


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